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Jupiter Transit - Guru Gochar 20th November 2021 - Predictions for all signs by Shri Dilip RAUT

Namaste and Ashirwad to all my Students, Followers and Readers......

    After much wait Guru Dev is finally getting free from the Shani Peeda. Today at 23 Hrs 19 Minutes, as per Kaal Nirnay Panchang, on Kartik Krishna Pratipada Guru Dev will enter the Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius sign and leave Shani Dev behind in Makar Rahi.

    The most important significance of this Transit is in next 6 months stay in Kumbha Rashi till April 13, 2022 Guru Dev or Planet Jupiter will remain in Kumbha in Direct or Progressive motion....No Retrogation or Vakri Gati will be observed in this entire 6 months time....That's a real breather as this year too Guru Dev was in Kumbha Rashi from April to September but we could not see the major positive results due to the Retrograde motion or Vakr Gati of Guru De, Fortunately now, for next 6 months he is absolutely at his own progressive, direct pace and will bless the Humanity like anything.

    The Karma Shani, Labha Guru and Dhana Rahu will keep the things great and I am sure the world will see fast recovery from the debilitated state which began from January 2020. Yes A own House Shani without a pacifying agent like Guru, can certainly try to give extra powers to the rulers and administration and they can further enforce new regulations, guidelines and restrictions due to Corona, but that will be an Ideal Example of How Excessive Power Corrupts and Spoils the people who are enjoying it. Whatever sufferings we might have to go through will be just the man made disasters of Power Hungry Vultures....They have the Power to Ruin their People and they will try to do every single thing to do so....But in such cases resistance and fighting for our own rights is the only tool in Our Hands....and Believe me this Lonely Own House Makar Shani will create new leaders, social workers, politicians who can lead from the front and give a new Direction to Mankind and the Global Politics...

    On Nature's front I do not see any Rise in Corona etc but the rulers will take undue advantage of poor people and will try to earl loads of money from their wrongdoings and manipulative practices. 

    Lets Understand how exactly this will affect on the Individual Signs....For personalized readings you can contact me on my contact what's app number or email mentioned in the end of these readings.... 

1. MESHA - ARIES : If you are born in Mesha Rashi then It is a great Yoga for You. You will certainly make new Influential friends and acquaintances. They can Help you a lot in these next 6 months. Just be good and nice with people and Help will shower upon you from all quarters. Gains in terms of Money and Wealth are certain. On property, Land, House, Vehicle matter things can really become problematic...You might have to fight for your rights about the Property and House matters. Same Applies to Land and Vehicles. Take care of Mothers Health. If Mesh Rashi falls in your 12th House, 4th House or 7th House of Kundali then it is absolutely serious about mothers Health and Longevity. Professionally you will rise to the max. You will reclaim your Lost Glory, Respect, Repute and Wealth....So the Time is really Gr8 for You....Take full advantage of the Good Times....My Blessings.

2. VRISHABH - TAURUS : The Vrishabh People must have got New Jobs, New Postings or must have switched their Jobs or professions up till now. If Not you will do so Very Soon. It is absolute blessings on Job Front. Those who were Jobless will end up in a Nice, Good position for Sure.  And One more absolutely good News for you Vrishabh Lagna or Rashi people, If you are having the dream of going to a foreign country or settling on foreign Land start preparing for the same....From April onwards The Yoga for Foreign Settlement is getting Activated and take my word many of you will settle on Foreign Lands....Do not forget me that time....a single email or a what's app text message will be gr8 to hear from your end....April to September 2022 you will rock in your dream destination, New Influential friends, acquaintances will help you like anything. You will be surprised to see what's happening with you, how the entire cosmos is Helping you...Its a Super Duper Roller Coaster Ride for You....Enjoy it fully....Yes but from April Onwards, Rather from March beginning only take care of your Parents...Parents Health and Longevity should and must be your priority.....If Needed Help on that front, Connect with me and we will do some rituals, Poojas and Kriyas for their wellbeing and Longevity for sure....Rest all is great with you guys and fulfil your all dreams and desires in this phase....My Blessings.

3. MITHUN - GEMINI : For Mithun people Marriage and Jobs etc are promising Fortune. Those who are waiting to get Married will get married, Those already married will see a Whole New Fortune coming their way just by the grace of Guru Dev....The Partnership in Marriage, Live In or in Business too shine brightly and will be fulfilling for sure....Wife's Sister or Husbands Brother can be the Lucky Charm in this phase so just be kind, respectful and humble towards them. They can do a lot for you guys for sure. The Shani in the Mrityu Sthana promises Healthy Life and sudden gains, inheritance, insurance or just loads of money just like that.....Gupta Dhana or Hidden Treasure in some way or the other can come in your Life. Tantra, Mantra, Occult, Astrology can boost your Kundali Yogas. Shani Upasana, Guru Danam is the Key to success. Wear a Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj as Next 3 Years Guru is promising absolute fortune and gains.....Chant || Om Gram Gurave Namah || daily 108 times or at least on Thursdays. Donating Yellow colored sweets, banana, chickpeas on Thursdays to some temple or poor will Help a Lot. Or do one thing, Do Tula Danam of any one the things mentioned just now. Donate Sweets, Bananas or Chickpeas equal to your weight on some Thusday to some Guru Mandir or Shiva Mandir. It works Miraculously and blesses like anything. One More Important thing for You, You will find one person in next One and half years time who can write your destiny. He or she will be absolutely a Expert in their field and can give you work, projects, ideas which will make your Identity and on that Identity you will Live forever your Life. So just be good to people, be respectful, take suggestions seriously and no matter if you hate something to do but that person tells you to trusting him or her, i will advise just go for that task and fulfil it wholeheartedly.....the results will be stunning and you will get name, fame, recognition by that one single task or project...So enjoy the Phase and make your Destiny...My Blessings

4. KARKA - CANCER : You people will buy new House or Car in this Phase. If things were stuck up till now then everything will get normalized post this date....Travel, fun trips, yatra for dev darshan etc are all on cards....Money matters will go smooth and whatever money you want or deserved will start flowing into your account. Life will become Easy for Sure....One more observation for you guys, from March Onwards you will earn smoothly huge amount of money from overseas projects, clients or services....And this is going to be really Huge, take my word, do not settle for less, when the time is with you, you ask for a respectable amount of money as your fees, salary or consultancy fees not hesitate or shy away, you will have to put your foot down and tell people your worth else no one is going to evaluate you just go ahead and mint money my dears....No Matter which country you are in, just focus on overseas clients or projects...this is not the time to waste your time, energy and money on domestic projects...its time for International work or projects....No matter physically you will not travel to foreign destinations, but your money will flow from foreign countries in your account for Sure....A Bit of Health Care is advisable and take care of Parents, especially the Mother and her Health...If you are married then be ready for marital issues, fights, quarrels, temporary separation etc....Just keep calm and maintain composure, Its just a matter of one Year....People who want to marry in next One Year I will advise to postpone the Marrige till Jaanuary 2023, Take my word, You will be saved...else in this one year, you will get married and separated as well....My Blessings

5. SINGHA - LEO : It's Wedding Time for you Singha People. Those who were waiting for the Kodak Moment of Life, This is your Time, Marriage, Celebration, Rituals, Family Get together, Honey Moon....absolute "THE DAYS" of your Life. Those who are already Married, will reconcile their differences and begin a new inning in the married Life....Yes I know Last 2 Years are not that great on marital front for married Singha People, but now it is the time for you to begin again dissolving all differences and again its Romantic Times for you....A second Honeymoon is on the card for Sure....Those who are on the verge of separation or already divorced will find new partners for Sure. Your Siblings and friends too will do great.....Avoid any foreign trips or settlement plans for next one year...That can prove absolutely wrong and fatal and can push you back for another 10 just stay put wherever you are.....Rest All seems Good....Enjoy the Marital Bliss.....My Blessings

6. KANYA - VIRGO : It's Money Time for you dear.....BEG, BORROW, STEAL OR EARN....It's your Time for Wealth Creation. Go for HUGE WEALTH Creation....If you want Loan, Go for a great Amount, if you are going for project finance, have a massive Project, wanna borrow money, ask for a good amount.....and take my word you will be blessed with the desired Amount....Its Time to also Earn great wealth, so go for new Enterprise, Business, Projects etc....If you are in Job then Job Change, Promotion, Increment all is possible and will happen for the Best. Foreign Travel, Religious Pilgrimage also possible. Children's care is Very Important. Stay away from Romantic Affairs, If you are a student then this is not a good year for Education, manage somehow....Do not trust Friends and important people of your Life, they can betray you readily whenever you will need them, so be self reliant. There will be some Issues due to Your Wealth Creation, some Headache for Sure, But You will manage that Easily.....Rest all Good for You.....My Blessings

7.   TULA - LIBRA : For Tula people the Past is going to Haunt you again....There will be chaos on work front and Job loss etc can happen. Finding a New Job will be a tough ride for you. The domestic atmosphere will be worse, No peace and Harmony at Home. Death of One of the parents can happen in coming one Year. Your Own Mental Physical Health seems Questionable. Loans, Bad Debts, Recovery Agent are going to make you mad. You will create lots of Enemies and people will be Jealous about You for some or the other reason....Somehow you will be blessed with whatever Money you need and it will be given to you by the grace of Guru Dev. Karma Heena Api Bhagyavan IS GOING TO BE YOUR STATE IN THIS PHASE. Means No streams of revenue generation will be there, but still you will survive due to sheer Fortune of yours....Friends and Influential people of Life will be a great Helping Hand for Sure....So its going to be a mixed phase for you.....Just be focused and alert and kill the phase cautiously....My Blessings

8. VRISCHIK - SCORPION : New Job, House, Car all is possible in this phase....House and Car might take some time but will happen for Sure. Job, Job Change, Promotion, Increment all is on the card.....Lots of Travel is assured. Insurance, Inheritance, Lottery, SaTTa, Gambling, Sudden Gains, Hidden Treasures are all Possible. Have keen eyes on children as something wrong can happen with them. Newly weds or people desiring a childbirth should wait for a years time till January 2023 as the time is not good for Childbirth.....If at all ladies who get's conceived in this phase, they will face major physical issues, issues with the growth of the child, delivery if planning, will advise to wait for a years time.... Rest Nothing problematic....Enjoy the New JOB, PROFESSION, CAREER.....My Blessings

9. DHANU - SAGITTARIUS : It Overall going to be a Good Phase as far as Money matters, Job, Profession, Career etc is concerned. You have to be extra cautious on Health front till April 2022 as some major blunder on Health is foreseen. Your diagnosis will not happen properly, you will be treated for what's not you suffering with. Wrong diagnosis means wrong medication and it will further create major health hazards and hence please do not Trust the Doctor...Go for second Opinion, Third Opinion, Do same tests from multiple labs....If all 2-3 labs and doctors are saying the same thing then and only then go for the Medication....Avoid Major surgeries or Medical Treatment....If you can just rely on Oral Medicines and Push the treatment post 2023 January, that would be best .....Try alternative therapies like Naturopathy, Ayurveda or Homeopathy.....Do not Buy, Sell House or Vehicle or Relocate to any Place.....Postpone all plans post 2023 January. If there is any Inheritance or Insurance matter, again postpone for 2023. Do not Trust Friends or Influential people of your Life as they will betray for Sure. Marriage Time for Sure....Those who wants to marry, this is the best Phase. Those who were separated can reunite in this phase....Fortune, Gains are Promised for Sure....Rest Just be cautious on Health Front and that's all about it. My Blessings

10. MAKAR - CAPRICORN : For Makar Rashi Shani Dev is already placed in your Rashi, Guru Dev will be in Dhana Sthana. So on Monetary front you will be well off, No doubt about that. But on personal front you will be shaken like anything. Emotional, Mental and Physical Health will be a cause of concern. Marriage will be a Problematic Issue in this phase. Separation by Divorce, Distance or Death from the spouse can be foreseen. Professionally nothing will fall in place, no matter what you do....So though Guru Dev is promising financial gains, Shani Dev is making a Big Hole in the Pocket...Before the Money comes, it will be committed to some or the other cause. Siblings will be troubled....Avoid foreign travel or travel to far off places. Avoid fights, quarrels and confrontation in Public Domain. Worship Shani Dev and Offer Food etc on Saturdays to poor and needy or Old and handicapped people.....By The Grace of Shani Dev and Guru Dev things should get normalised by the end of 2022.....My Blessing.

11. KUMBHA - AQUARIUS : Kumbha People, the Guru Transit is happening in Your Rashi. Next 6 Months or rather the entire Year is going to bring Polar Shift in your Life. After 12 Years GURU Dev is coming in your Rashi or Lagna, Hence this is going to be THE YEAR of your New Life. This phase is going to be the Transformative Phase of your Life, It's the TIME TO CHANGE THE AVATARA. You will completely change, from your Outlook, to looks, to your clothing, walking, talking, company, friends everything is going to change....You are absolutely a Changed Person, Off course positively.....Whatever you want to achieve you will achieve, the standard of Life will be High, You will reach the Best Position in your respective Careers. You will Earn Name, fame, Position, Money, Wealth and what not....whatever you will touch will turn GOLD. If you want to travel Overseas, You can do so....Its going to be a GREAT YEAR for True WEALTH Creation.....Just Go For It....And do not forget My DAKSHINA :-) My Blessings

12. MEENA - PISCES : Its absolute Foreign affairs for you Pisceans....Relocation to foreign land for Work, study, permanent residency, citizenship is certain....So do not waste time and start the process asap. If you are a traveler then you will travel the entire world...Religious people will go to the far off Holy Places, Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches. People stuck in their own countries will start earning from foreign clients and services....Friends will betray for sure. DO NOT GIVE THE BENEFIT OF YOUR WISDOM TO OTHERS....Especially your friends and influential connections will use your Ideas, concepts, projects and earn a huge fortune for themselves....They will not give you the credit or the share of their profits....Its a Problematic affair, hence keep your mouth shut and do not guide people.....You should guide, help such people who will share the benefits with others, no point in making selfish people reach the pinnacle of success and glory on your smart ideas and hard work....Just focus on your Growth and Prosperity and then help the Needy and deserving people. Take care of children. If going for a child, postpone the plan for a year till 2023 January. Postpone all Inheritance, Insurance related issues till next one year.....That's all for Meena Rashi people......

HOPE this will Help all of you planning your Year ahead....

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Shri Dilip RAUT


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